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McAfee Security: Antivirus VPN

McAfee Security: Antivirus VPN  

Rating: 4.2

Reviews: 46445

Publisher: McAfee LLC

Antivirus, Virus Cleaner, VPN Proxy, Dark Web, WiFi Scan, Privacy & Security

McAfee Security’s all-in-one online security solution protects your data, devices, and privacy against malware and identity breaches with our award-winning antivirus, virus cleaner, Dark Web Monitoring, Safe Browsing, Secure VPN and proxy, and WiFi Scan.

Secure up to five devices across compatible smartphones, tablets, PCs, and Macs. Our award-winning antivirus virus cleaner is only available on PCs and Android devices.

See how safe you are online with your McAfee PROTECTION SCORE. Your score is based on the safety of your monitored personal info. Boost your score by taking suggested steps, like turning on VPN and more. We'll guide you along the way.

Keep your personal data and location private with our bank-grade WiFi encryption. It makes your data unreadable to others and boosts your online security and privacy. Give your WiFi connection the extra privacy and security you need with our Secure VPN proxy and services. McAfee Security's Secure VPN hides your info with bank-grade VPN encryption and proxy, so things like your location and online activities remain private.

▪ Secure VPN protection defends against unsecured WiFi hotspots
▪ IP Proxy allows for secure browsing with WiFi VPN
▪ VPN provides a protected WiFi hotspot for secure browsing on public WiFi
▪ Keep your data, online activity, IP addresses, and physical locations private when using unsafe WiFi with VPN

Protect your personal info and compatible devices with our antivirus virus cleaner. McAfee's antivirus security scan and virus cleaner protect against viruses, malware, and more.

▪ Antivirus cleaner and antivirus scanner
▪ Continuous virus protection and antivirus cleaning
▪ Our antivirus virus cleaner scans and removes malware
▪ Antivirus scans for malware from files, apps, and downloads with an
▪ Antivirus detects and destroys security and privacy threats with virus cleaner protection

Monitor the most critical aspects of your life online, from emails to phone numbers and more for the greatest online security. We'll check dark web feeds for stolen info related to your email while providing you with the latest tools for identity and privacy protection and remediation.

▪ Dark web monitoring for identity, security, and privacy
▪ Identity privacy and protection with remediation
▪ Monitor up to 10 email addresses

Sidestep risky sites, links, and files when browsing online to protect your devices and personal info. We'll automatically block malicious websites for you so you can browse safely with your favorite browser.

▪ Safe Browsing helps you sidestep risky websites, links, and files
▪ Safe Browsing defends against online threats and viruses while using your favorite browser
▪ Safe Browsing alerts you when browsing malicious websites; it protects you from phishing; it helps keep your data private

Get alerts when attempting to connect to an unsafe network so you can choose a different network or turn on Secure VPN.

▪ Maintain a safe WiFi connection online
▪ WiFi Scan analyzes networks for security
▪ WiFi Scan alerts you when you connect to unsecured hotspots

Stay safer online with our antivirus software, VPN, safe browsing, identity protection, virus cleaner & more.

Not all features are available for all devices or locations. See System Requirements for additional information.
Recent Changes:
Our latest improvements deliver stronger protection and refined experiences to make your online security easier.
• Customize your protection with our VPN and Wi-Fi Scan updates
• Enjoy a smoother experience with our latest bug fixes and app refinements


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